Brush Boarding
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Corporate Opportunities

Extreme Sports Zone has focused on creating an international business associated to the product launch of the patented and IP protected Brush Ramp. During the market testing period we have documented and focused on:

  • Health benefits – white paper on associated increased fitness when riding
  • Family inclusion- appeals to and engages all family members.
  • Memorable experience – riders and spectators remember the unique engagement.
  • Brand association – It is a high profile, measurable and unforgettable experience for riders and onlookers alike. Exclusive rights to Experiential Campaigns
  • Long term goals – The business models are strategically structured to have advances integrated over a 5 year + plan.
  • Sporting structure – A structured global network of riders will allow data capture for international competitions and incentive for return riders.
  • ROI – the business model shows a return within 12 months.
  • Network – Business, riders and brand all driven through our structured global model.
  • Green – The patented technology is designed to use minimal power
  • Safety and inclusion – The safety is such that user trials have included disabled riders making the barrier to entry very low.
  • Two main business models – Event / mobile Brush Ramps and permanent installations

Extreme Sports Zone Limited holds the rights to the worldwide patents and IP which incorporate exclusive and non-competitive campaign and business models.

Extreme Sports Zone has positioned BrushBoarding as a  new emerging grass roots sport and is set to offer many advantages for governments, businesses and the riders. If you are creative and interested in exploring in more detail how this structure can assist you. Contact us now to set up a meeting.