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Connecting Your Brand Across Multiple Opportunities

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  Our Brush Ramps use little Power, have documented appeal to a wide demographic and engage riders and spectators with a positive experience.   The BB Team

Latest BrushBoarding / Airkix Video.

Thanks to the team @Airkix Basingstoke for the latest BrushBoarding video. Can you progress your riding skills and fitness to be able to bust tricks and carve like Ryan? The BB Team      

Supporting The Scouting Association

The BrushBoarding team along with the Brush Ramp will be attending the UK’s Winter Camp next week. #gpwintercamp With the event fully booked we are looking forward to another fantastic weekend with over 3500 Scouts from all over the world. … more…

The UK’s Daily Mail journalist endorses BrushBoarding as fitness machine.

We love the quote by Anna Melville-James. ” This is the most seriously effective piece of bottom-shaping exercise equipment known to man (or woman). Ten minutes of this feels like a thousand squats” Thanks for the great article Anna. The … more…

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