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Brand Activation update

New innovative sport of BrushBoarding™ makes waves with PepsiCo / Britvic

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd UK (ESZ) secured a cross-promotional events campaign for 2012 with the Pepsi Co / Britvic brand “Mountain Dew”.

The Dew team in Ireland have started an exclusive tour of the region with initial feedback from the crowds like “had loads of fun riding the BrushBoarding machine, cheers guys – come again, I need some practice!”

The planned tour of Ireland’s events in 2012 will continue to engage riders and on-lookers in a unique, fun way. ESZ and the Dew Crew Ireland are committed to creating safe, memorable experiences while encouraging a healthier lifestyle through the participation in the associated sport. ESZ intends to share this positive sense of achievement with as many people as possible as the product and associated sport advances over the coming decades.

Kyle Dent commented, “We see that there are great synergies between the goals of ESZ and PepsiCo’s corporate vision which is to ‘action programs that focus on activities to benefit society’. Having a Global company adopt our sport at grass roots level is a great milestone in our business and overall planned market integration of the associated sport into communities”

ESZ has seen the company expand and as the manufacturing and installations of the permanent Brush Ramps moves forward, it is expected to continue with its growth stage as new opportunities for branding campaigns are realized in new markets globally.

Notes to the Editor

Manufacturing and distributing the patented Brush Ramp from the UK will see the business model create jobs and stability for many associated businesses.

The company goal is to install Brush Ramps into activities centers, holiday parks, family entertainment centers, shopping malls etc. which will see our loop marketing campaign drive this UK business forward.

Launched and tested in the UK market, BrushBoarding™ incorporates all board sports of surfing, snow boarding and skateboarding, by creating a unique riding experience. It is a proven and safe product that allows the riders and spectators to enjoy such sports in any location. The Brush Ramps are easy to install and Extreme Sports Zone offers turnkey solutions for permanent installations, as well as mobile designs for events.

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