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A quick update from Kyle Dent, Founder of BrushBoarding

Firstly, Thank you
During the initial stages of launching BrushBoarding to market my team and I have made many friends and business associates while sharing the fun, safe experience the product has come to offer. I personally would like to thank all who have assisted us in getting through this new global financial business environment and look forward to re-connecting as BrushBoarding accelerates.

Kyle DentThanks, Kyle



Brand Association

Our business hit another huge milestone in February by securing an exclusive 12-month regional event based, brand activation deal in Ireland with PepsiCo’s ‘Mountain Dew’ brand. As we expected the repot from the activation team is “The interest and take up has been massive”. We are now focused on replicating similar agreements with brand partners in new markets globally.


Sales & Installation

We are please to announce that we have restructured the sales procedure and are revisiting the implementation of our product into various locations. Our turnkey installation solutions and strategically linked cross-promotional marketing campaign is such that our permanently installed Brush Ramp will benefit from the exposure our mobile event ramps globally. This is a very unique added value not found in other interactive fitness attractions.


Building the Brush Boarding Network

As BrushBoarding and the associated sport emerges from its grass roots level we will be increasing our network on every level: rider, facilities, events and corporate. We understand that linking this together is a key part to create waves, regionally and internationally. This network will build further demand for rider participation, installations and event attendance.


Overview and assistance

We launched BrushBoarding into the UK and focused on product testing, ticked many boxes, proven the appeal to thousands of riders and onlookers, been supported by many organizations and individuals all which has got us to where we are today. Having a Global Brand partner adopt BrushBoarding at our grass roots level has allowed us to realize that now is the time to ramp up our business in existing and new markets.

Building on our successes is our goal and I am reaching out for your assistance in building awareness in one of the key areas mentioned above.

On all levels we are keen to have you be part of this exciting growth stage and look forward to re-connecting.


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